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Body Size Calculator with Height and Weight

Body Size Calculator with Height and Weight

This time, we will teach you how to calculate clothing size based on weight and height information, how many sizes to wear, how many kilos and how many sizes to wear. Thus, you will be able to choose more easily when choosing clothes.

In order to learn how to calculate the size for our body, we first need to ask the question of how many kilos and how many sizes.

How Many Weights and How Many Sizes?

The male and female body calculation process is different from each other. As is known, there are differences between male and female height. Therefore, when calculating, the distinction between men and women should be taken into account and action should be taken accordingly.

We can understand this better with an example. An 85 kilo woman can wear XL size, while an 85 kilo man can wear M size. Therefore, the difference in weight / height ratio may also differ in terms of gender.

How Many Kilograms Is 1 Size?

In answer to this question, we can say the following. The answer to this question changes, taking into account the physical characteristics of the person. It differs according to the body type with Big Bone, Fish Meat and Weak body.

How to Calculate Body Size?

How do I learn about my body? There are many searches for how to find it. There are 4 issues needed to measure the answer to this question. Respectively;

  • Chest Circumference
  • Waist Circumference
  • Hip Circumference
  • Leg size

Important Note: When measuring leg length, the meter in your hand should be measured on the inside of the leg. Otherwise, the measurement will be inaccurate. When measuring chest, waist and hip circumferences, the meter should be used to completely enclose them.

Even though we found our correct size with this account, remember this. Body sizes vary according to the segments of the companies (such as slim fit, relax, loose, narrow cut).

Women's Size Chart

With the help of the data obtained through the table below, we can reach the right result for the female body.

Men's Size Chart

With the help of the data obtained through the table below, we can reach the correct result for the male body.

Size - Weight Measurement Examples

For someone 1.60 tall;

  • 75-80 kilos - 48 size
  • 70-75 kilos - 46 size
  • 65-70 kilos - 44 size
  • 60-65 kilos - 42 size
  • 55-60 kilos - 40 size
  • 50-55 kilos - 38 size
  • 45-50 kilos – 36 size
  • 40-45 kilos - 34 size

For someone who is 1.65 m tall;

  • 80-85 kilos - 48 size
  • 75-80 kilos - 46 size
  • 70-75 kilos - 44 size
  • 65-70 kilos - 42 size
  • 60-65 kilos - 40 size
  • 55-60 kilos - 38 size
  • 50-55 kilos – 36 size
  • 45-50 kilos - 34 size

For someone 1.70 tall;

  • 85-90 kilos - 48 size
  • 80-85 kilos - 46 size
  • 75-80 kilos - 44 size
  • 70-75 kilos - 42 size
  • 65-70 kilos - 40 size
  • 60-65 kilos - 38 size
  • 55-60 kilos - 36 size
  • 50-55 kilos - 34 size

What size should a man or woman be?

In fact, it is not correct to ask such a question. It should not be forgotten that people have physical differences. Therefore, the ratio of height and weight that the person is suitable for health will be the most ideal measure for him.

The examples above are approximate values ​​that are closest to the truth, but they are not prepared for scientific and academic studies.

Therefore, if there are any errors in the values, check from scientific and academic sources.

For precise and clear information in calculations and conversions, it is recommended to use scientific rulers, a calculator, and an academic unit of measure translation calculation program.

You can ask us any questions you want to ask about this subject through this article via the comments below. If you think that there is any incomplete, error or inaccuracy in the information here, you can also comment on it to us.